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What is tantric domination?

All my sessions are tantric, here is some words about what that means.

Tantra is a thousand years old tradition of spiritual practice aiming to make you more aware of your subconscious patterns in different parts of your life. 


Tantric domination has the purpose of making you more aware of your sexlife and support you to become a better lover. Here are a few ways in which is does so: 

To have a really good sexlife we need polarity - two different poles builds attraction. When we play the dominant and submissive it will first of all recharge your batteries, when you get a break from making decisions. Secondly it will teach you how to properly surrender and thirdly you will get insights and learn how to dominate, from getting dominated. 

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You can use the energy you gain and your new knowledge on surrendering and domination to serve your partner or partners. 

If you have a strap on session with me you (both men and women) will get an imprint on how it is to get fucked in a tantric way and it is possible that you can experience one of many tantric orgasms that is deeper and can last for twenty minutes or more.

In my sessions you have an invitation, to live out your sexual fantasies. Living out your fantasies can help you let go of your fixations to make you become more present so that you can enjoy sex with your partner or partners with your eyes open, without feeling a need of fantasising to feel turned on. 

More about tantric sex

Tantric sex can be a very exciting and horny experience where you explore your darker sides and live out sexual fantasies of which you otherwise keep secret in your mind.

One difference between “normal” sex and tantric sex is that instead of you trying to get something, you change the way you think and find ways in which you might be able to give of yourself and what you have to offer.


In my sessions this would mean that the best you can give to me is the way you communicate your wishes then follow my lead as well as communicate your boundaries when you need to. What you can give when you are more dominant is your full presence, so that you can feel where your partner or partners might need in order to be able to trust you and explore deeper emotional and vulnerable layers, as well as your inspiration to try out new things that excites you and take your partner by surprise.

The hardest practice in tantric sex may be staying away from one instant relief and pleasure, I’m talking about the ejaculation for men or the clitoral orgasm for women .


By giving up these types of orgasms for a longer period of time you can train your body to experience more satisfying orgasms that lasts for over 20 minutes, including anal orgasms, and full body orgasms for both men and women. It also have other benefits such as helping you to become a better lover - more orgasmic and less selfish, or making you more energetic and driven 


Try it out for yourself for 21 days see what it does for you, visit the website here.

Let me know if you're doing the challenge when are booking a session with me.  There are some special perks that I would be able to show you.

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