Couple session

There is many benefits for a couple to book a femdom session. It will help you break your sexual patterns and bring spontaneity and playfulness into your sexlife.

If you come to me as a couple it will also teach you a lot about tantric sex which you can bring home with you.


My expertise is to show the sexually more submissive partner to learn how to step into their dominant side and take charge over the usually more dominant partner. Of course you can also decide on deepening your current sexual polarity in our session or perhaps you're more interested in a switch session. Generally I will direct and dominate one of you who then will dominate the other partner. 

As a couple you can choose between exploring any of the sessions types or tantric/BDSM practices listed on my website. And of course of you have something specific that you like in our session which isn't listed on my website you can always ask me about it.


  • Break old sexual patterns and start exploring the edges of what your sexlife can satisfy in you.

  • By learning to be both dominant and submissive you have the chance to become much better in both, especially in the one you're not so used to.

  • Get to know 

  • Bringing playfullness

  • Learning about tantric sex, and by that potentially starting to have more sex on a daily basis which is proved to improve your relationship.(source)