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About Mistress Arielle

I am a Tantric Femdom, a Strap-on Dom primarily since it is what I enjoy the most.  I have chosen this line of work because of my passion for it and I have learned the trade from years of intensive Tantra training and sexual de-conditioning work.  I love men exploring their feminine side, and women surrendering control to another woman, and I'm passionate about helping you to explore sides of yourself that you have kept off limits until now.

My vision

Sexuality is chaotic and something that most of us keep hidden.  I offer my sessions as a means to support you to go from the predictable and un-juicy common sexuality of the West and move towards the wild and free-form sexuality of Tantra and BDSM. To do this I will work with your social sexual conditioning and your repressed sexual fantasies. I believe that living out sexual fantasies brings them out of the theatre of pornographic imagination, freeing up libido and horniness that boosts creativity in both our personal and professional lives.  I am motivated by the discomfort of facing these parts of ourselves and finding our own truth. 

I believe that everyone has a ‘switch’ element to them, all of us like to be in charge and in surrender in different parts of our lives. Some people have a preference towards being more dominant or more submissive in their sexuality, but both sides need to be explored if a relaxed versatile sexuality is to be developed. Role-play can be used to connect directly to a deep taboo fetish, that hasn’t been given space outside of the imagination. All of my sessions are for you to learn more about yourself, and as you do, you can use your sexual desires artistically and not let them interfere with your daily life in an uncontrolled way.


My background

I have studied tantra since 2011 in one of the worlds most notorious tantra schools. I have participated and assisted in over 30 tantra retreats. My experience with domination goes back to when I did my first tantra course and around the same time I was introduced to kink and BDSM. 

Through tantra I have been exploring my sexuality from different perspectives and living out many of my sexual fantasies.


I have done several courses and workshops in BDSM and I’m trained (since November 2016) and certified to give sessions by the founder of The New Tantra, Alexa Vartman.

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