Live out your fantasy

I will explore your mind and your body, going deeper into the hidden corners of your sexuality than you could do alone. I will extract your dirtiest night time obsessions. Done skilfully this will unlock your horniness and sexual excitement.


I make them real, feeling into the parts of you that you never thought would go further than a pornographic fantasy. Sodomising you, dressing you up like a girl and finger slamming you, it all comes to life here.  I use all of the other practices I have described to make this a unique, liberating experience each time.

There are many benefits to living out your fantasies, here are some: 

  • You will learn who you are sexually.

  • You will be able to be more in the moment while you're fucking, since you don't need to secretly think about your fantasy but instead either let it go or be able to include it in your sexlife. 

  • Living out your fantasies might help you becoming hornier in your body, which is much more pleasurable than being horny in your mind while fantasising.

  • If you feel shame about your sexual fantasies living them out can help you become more relaxed and at ease with yourself.


Feminization, also called crossdressing, is when I dress you up as a girl - usually a slutty girl - for my own pleasures. I will make you walk like a girl, move like, moan like a girl and take it as a girl. My fetish in this is to make you look hot, I'm not into the unfitting pink clothes but rather sleek, elegant but slutty black lingerie. Of course if you wish to wear a pink lipstick that's something that I like. I do also have some heels in different male sizes for the adventurous one.

Role play is a fun way to explore fantasies lingering in your mind. Maybe your fantasy is to be disciplined by your teacher since you didn't do well in the latest test. Maybe your nurse is deciding to take advantage of you. Police woman, being an animal, dominated by a schoolgirl.... there is many different fantasies fitting into this category. 

Including a third person I have dominant and submissive female friends for a session, transexual friends and male friends. A requirement is that you have at least one session with me before we include someone else, I want to make sure that you're ready.