This is my favourite thing to do and involves me anally penetrating you with my fingers and dildos. 


A good mistress knows how to make sodomisation an art form.  Feeling into the dildo like it is my own cock to transmit sensations of vulnerability, surrender, pleasure, and dominance.


I have many dildos in different sizes that I use to open and stretch the anus, and if the anus is wide enough for it I will slide my fist inside your body to explore even deeper.

The anal training is for you to experience a deep form of horniness and holds a possibility to experience orgasms you have not experienced before. You will transform into my willing slut, give me your body and in the end  - ask for more.

Sodomisation/Strap on

In my live out your fantasy sessions I bring all my sexual fantasy experience of six years. I will explore your mind and your body going deeper into your hidden sexuality than you could do alone, I will extract your dirtiest night time obsessions. Done skilfully this will unlock your horniness and you will hardly be able to contain your sexual excitement.


Next I make them real, feeling into the parts of you that you never thought would go further than a pornographic fantasy. Sodomising you, dressing you up like a girl and finger slamming you, it all comes to life here.  I use all of the other practices I have described to make this a unique, liberating experience each time.

Live out your Fantasy

Body Worship

Every part of my body is here for you to adore and surrender to. I use my feet to dominate you and trample your submitted body and genitals.  

As my submissive I expect from you that you are fully present and using your intuition to make sure you are following my wishes. If you can not fulfill these criteria there will be consequences.  


I skilfully use spit, my arm pits, and my chest to crack any remaining resistance you may cling onto, leaving you as my submissive play toy. 


Properly used, body worship techniques will bring you deep into you sexuality, as I command you to give everything to whichever part I choose.

"I will take you deep into surrender, you will let go of all control, you will melt into complete trust and give me complete control of your body and mind..."  

The sessions displayed below are suggestions on how a session can look. You may put together elements from different sessions so your session fits your fantasy.


It is important that you share your fantasies and longings with your mistress so that when we meet you can completely let go of control and I can lead you into a deep experience.

The sessions contains sexual elements but you will not be allowed sexual intercourse with mistress.


The sessions offered are minimum 2 hours long, prices vary depending on the type of session and starts from 450€ per session.

All  Sessions